What are the seven types of pastry?

Clarence Boyd III

March 22, 2023


When you think of pastry, you probably think of sweet treats, but many types of pastry can be used to make various snacks and main dishes. The basic types of pastry include shortcrust, filo, puff, and choux. They are all versatile and can be made with various ingredients and flavors.

Shortcrust Pastry

Shortcrust pastry is a staple for homemade pies, tarts, and quiches. It is one of the most accessible types of pastry at home, and it’s well worth the effort!

It’s made using flour, salt, butter, and lard. Mix the ingredients until they have a breadcrumb-like texture. The dough is then chilled for at least an hour. It should then be ready to roll out and use.

Filo Pastry

Filo (or phyllo) is an unleavened dough used for making a range of different pastries. It’s often layered with butter or oil and then baked in the oven to create a crispy, golden, thin crust.

The best phyllo pastry is made from strong white bread flour with high gluten content. It’s the key to making a crisp, tender, and crusty sheet that won’t tear easily.

Puff Pastry

Puff pastry is a light, flaky, buttery pastry that can be rolled out and used for various purposes. It is often used to make pies and tarts but can also be formed into turnovers or palmiers.

The French perfected the technique, which has become a staple in bakeries worldwide. The dough is made by preparing a water-based dough called the degree, flattened to enclose a block of butter (barrage).

This dough/butter assembly is repeatedly sheeted out and folded before baking. This process enables the butter to create steam pockets in the dough that puff and separate before the pastry is baked, giving it its beautiful, flaky texture.

Choux Pastry

Choux pastry is an easy-to-make and versatile dough that creates all sorts of savory and sweet desserts. This includes eclairs, cream puffs, eclair au chocolat, Bossche bollen (Dutch specialty), profiteroles, and many more!

The main ingredients in choux pastry are butter, flour, and water. These work together to form a dough that’s both soft and firm enough to pipe or spread. Adding egg gradually to a choux pastry recipe helps you control the consistency of the dough without oversaturating it. This is a crucial factor, as too much egg will break the dough when piped.

Puff Pastry with Fillings

Puff pastry is a sheet of flaky dough that can be filled with various ingredients. It can be savory or sweet and is an excellent choice for making party appetizers.

This is a simple pastry recipe that’s perfect for summertime! Fresh strawberries, cream cheese, and puff pastry create a delicious dessert. There are many ways to make puff pastry, but one way is by rolling it into a long rope and filling it with various things. You can even make a sausage roll.

Pastry Sheets

Pastry Sheets are often used as a base for pies or other baked goods. They are light, flaky, and crisp. They are made by incorporating pieces of room-temperature butter into the dough in a method similar to that of making pie crusts. The butter is then folded and rolled out to create layers.

Unlike shortcrust pastry, a rolled-out block of flour, puff pastry sheets are layered and laminated before baking. This process allows the dough to puff up during baking.

Pie Crust

Pie Crust is a simple, buttery dough made by hand or in a food processor. It is typically made using a combination of butter and shortening for the best flavor, texture, and structure.

This dough is often used for fruit- or creamy-based fillings. The pie crust needs to be prepared, rolled out, and baked before adding the fillings to withstand the moisture in the filling.